Husband ≥ Awesome

The BoyFriend is awesome. I will be updating you on the various and many reasons. These reasons will be in no particular order… well sort of an order, lets call it “The order that comes up when I was near a computer”. We will start with one that is revealed to me over and over again:

Reason 1.)
His Amazing Skills Of Finding Lost Objects:

I lose things all the time. He always finds them. Most recently was my glasses, they had been missing for about two weeks. I was on the verge of ordering a new pair from when I had a thought. “I should wait, TBF will probably find these tonight.” I went home, he came over on his Harley and walked through my back door holding my glasses. Apparently they were in the pantry area sitting on a pack of mr. noodles.

Reason 2.)
His Super Halloween Costume Skills:

Halloween 1. Star Wars. I’m R2D2.
 Even though every year I say “what should we do for Halloween this year?” and he replies, “be a zombie” we manage to pull off something AMAZING. And by “we” I mean “he”. It’s simple, he is Awesome.
Halloween 2. Eagle vs. Shark. I’m the Shark.
Reason 3.)
He Loves Me:
Even While ridiculously busy, and even when he has strong moral feelings about the peace and spirituality of having a coffee break “in” the break room, he lets me off the hook and brings me a coffee in my office anyway. Awesome.
Reason 4.)
He Has All The Answers:
ME: Dude! That bird sounds amazing, listen… I wonder what it’s called.
TBF: A lightning bird.
ME: Wow, really?
TBF: Of course not, don’t be stupid… hehehe

ME: So while I was working in the coffee shop today, I was speaking to the Community Futures guy and-

TBF: And he informed you that this community has no future?

ME: Hey you know what’s awesome?

TBF: Ya, Me.
Reason 5.)
He Cooks, Like, Really Good Food:

So last night we ate half a bbq chicken each. He had brined it for the afternoon in a rosemary, lemon, and cracked pepper brine. We also had his famous pesto on spaghetti. I don’t need to eat for roughly a week. I should mention that everything, right down to the bbq sauce was made from scratch. The pesto changed my life the first time I had it. I am currently weighing in around three thousand pounds, and he still loves me.

Reason 6.)
He Gains Wisdom from Pop Culture

ME: Hey how you doing today?
TBF: I’m as calm as a Hindu Cow.

Reason 7.)
He Loves My Braaaaaaaains, (not like that, come on!):

He just bought me this super-awesome helmet to keep them in my skull.

Reason 8.)
His Keen Fashion Sense:

ME: Hey babe I got these sweat pants as a door prize, they don’t look like “Me” do you want them?
TBF: No, I haven’t given up yet.
ME: ?? On?
TBF: Oh you know, life.

Reason 9.)
He Knows How to Soothe the Savage Beast; and it ain’t music either:

     Hi my name is Jess, and I get angry when I’m hungry. Today TBF came upstairs and innocently asked “what’cha doing?” To which I replied “I have to go #$%%^ @!! #$*^ because someone is just so *&^$$ and *&^#@!! Why?! What are you doing?!” He looked at me a little shocked and said “I’m going to go for lunch. Can I get you a taco?”
It was awesome.

Reason 10.)
He reeeeeeaaly listens:

So yesterday I told TBF I detested having to “read and comply” to our inter-company memos regarding safety. Why you ask? Well, how important to my job as a payables clerk do you think it is that I make sure I have the appropriate re-fuling gear before taking off in my helicopter? Or how often am I going to have to store fuel drums on their side so water doesn’t enter the cap from above? Exactly. Later that day I went to use the photocopier and saw this above it – I love him.

Reason 11.)
He didn’t want to be my boyfriend any more and I’m okay with that:


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