I like Pina Coladas, Kittens, Birds, and Great Danes.

So I once went to this stag party. There weren’t many people there that I knew and it was  a full on drunken camping weekend in the reeeaaly hick part of the Island. I was actually scared my tent and I would get run over in the middle of the night, so I parked it behind some trees that were behind an over-sized truck, then stole the keys to said behemoth that spoke plainly of it’s drivers complex.

My good friend was getting married, she and her soon to be husband decided to celebrate together and throw a huge camping extravaganza on a lake. This over the top party contained kegs, (and subsequently many keg stands), potato guns, quadding, overloaded boats desperately trying to pull tubes full of inebriated humans, and my favorite memory, a man in a mexican fighting mask walking around like a zombie at 7 am. There was a guy who bit the head off a live fish people, this was a bachelor/ette weekend I’ll never forget.

The reason I will never forget, is because I was too damn scared to get wasted. Thank heavens. I knew precisely four humans there, and they were all sorts of irresponsible; so I hung out with the dogs.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t lame or anything; I wasn’t a wallflower, I had all kinds of fun. I sat in beach chairs in the lake and drank beer from 7:00-23:00 PST, I just drank responsibly. There was no mixing, there was no tequilla, and there was absolutely no …. Mary Jane as my mother likes to call it. And, when the party would get out of hand, I’d move off to the tent and make sure Odin, the Great Dane, had supper and kept me warm.

My good friend and her husband broke up a while ago. I was sad as he was my favorite dude for her. She is now with the fish head biting man… she likes to keep it real. Me, if I”m uncomfortable at a party, or decide I’ve conversed with drunk adults long enough, you’ll find me hanging with the cat/gerbil/dog/horse. And that’s exactly why my honey of a girlfriend sent me this picture on Facebook, and tagged it as me.


Embrace thyself, and animals.

Moi xoxo


Goodkind? Not Really.

So I got married. I know, you’re sick of hearing about it but this is relevant. I swear. McHusband and I received some gift cards as presents, awesome. Two of them were pretty gender specific. He got the one to the local Marine shop, and I got the one to Chapters. God Bless you, whoever you are… I’m pretty sure Rebek wrote it all down and I’ll send you a thank you note soon.

Last Friday GermanG and I went down to Nanaimo, or as I also like to call it, civilization. I spent a beautiful time in Chapters all by myself while she had an ‘attack and destroy mission’ in Costco. I browsed books for at least two hours. I loved every minute of it… until I found this.

I’m pretty sure I raged about this book sometime last year, however let me repeate myself. WHY?!

Terry Goodkind wrote the Fantasy saga The Sword of Truth. I lived in this world from the age of 13 to the age of 23 when he brought a lovely and perfect conclusion to a riveting story line. Or so I thought.

You would think I’d be happy to dive back into those well-loved characters and a familiar world wouldn’t you. Well you’d be wrong. I live in a perpetual state of fear that an author will die, and leave his or her characters literally (heh geeky double entendre) hanging! George R. R. Martin is probably the worst offender, but Mr. Goodkind did take 10 years for me to read a series and I was pretty nervous the whole time.

Of course, I bought the book. I’m 15 chapters in and begrudgingly enjoying myself. The poor check out clerk named Tyler had to deal with an unexpected answer to his “Did you find everything you were looking for?” question. I gave him the whole rant and I think he was convinced that I was an insane sci-fi geek. He’d be right.

Take care my lovelies.

Moi xoxo

You can be a real bag.


This is the first night we spent on our USA road trippin’ honeymoon. We spent the evening looking at Vancouver Island, in a VW. Rock on 🙂

I have been so M.I.A. this last month that I have SO much fun stuff to write about! So much, in fact, that I can’t remember any of it.

For starters, I got married in May. I threw, (we threw), a kick ass, stress free, party for our friends to watch us get hitched. Cross #5 off the New Years Resolutions list. Apparently I have to paint a picture for June; you may or may not get an update of that. But – straight after the wedding we did what you would expect. Took off.

McHusband and I drove to the coast of Oregon said hi and then drove to Portland. We spent a good quality 38 hours there. We shopped vintage pendelton, went to the worlds largest and coolest bookstore, (where I got pretty lost somewhere in the purple room? Orange level?!), and we ate at this super cool place called The Fish Grotto.
There’s no sales tax in Oregon, score! Score quite a bit thank you very much. Some Nike, a rose gold Kenneth Cole watch, a pair of 20 year anniversary edition Vans for him, and much more. The one thing we should have bought and didn’t we both have un-buyer’s remorse over.

If I wasn’t trying to post this on my new iPad I’d guarantee there’d be a cool pic to go with that link; check back tomorrow I’ll sort it. 


Chrome is a super company who makes messenger and other bags for all you cool pedal and motorized biker people out there. There’s some ultra aqua proof material and a seatbelt styled clip that doubles as a bottle opener. It’s the most Canadian American bag ever. We both need one.

So! We’ve just, (two seconds ago), decided to take the bikes to Portland and buy two of the bags. Grey for me green for him. We’ll make a day of it, buy beer and ride home.

Ain’t love grand?

Sayanora muchachos

Moi xoxo

To do’s post I do’s


Well, it’s officially here – marriage.

Things that have immediately changed:
– Status from “Spinster” to “Married”. True story, look carefully while signing your marriage registrar. (AKA Ms. to Mrs.)
– Weird yet simultaniously awesome “Married” feeling.
– Place of residence.
– Gas bills ++$$. Drive to work from home is now 65 km instead of 6km.
– Number of rings now on ring finger, (2).
– Email address, and online username.
– Pictures of wedding up on FB.
– Dress size, +1. I’m sure it’s the bliss of married life, I need to get over it.

Things in the process of changing:
– actual and legal name changing; SIN card, Care card, VISA card, Drivers Licence, Passport, Library card.
– Garden. I have a house now, time to spruce it up.
– Professional photos being worked over.
– Many “Welcome to our happy home” dinners. 1 down, 99 to go.
– Dress size, -2. Time to get scared again.
– Signature; I’m working on it.

Now just because this is still a book blog… sort of;
– I have read 1-15 of The Walking Dead volumes – zomberific!


Mrs. Moi

Kick up your heels

Best thing about choosing a short dress for my wedding besides the fact that short dresses rock? The Shoes.



Real leather and so comfortable and soft I could just die of happiness. So I never planned my wedding as a child, so what? I had no idea it was an amazing excuse to buy kick ass shoes! Things may have been different if I had known that.


Enjoy your week people!

Moi xoxo

Toon Town

I am a geek. Most often I am also a nostalgic geek.

     This week I moved offices. I had to pack up all my stuff and move it 30 feet dog leg to the right. (I love my new office because it has a window, and that is all I will say on the matter.) As I moved, I found my stack of Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics, and I dusted off my limited edition #0734 of 1000, “Tooned Up”, Buffy Summers, “End of Days” statue. It was a gift from TF before he was even TBF. We were meant to be. I thought about what Electric Tiki may have come up with in the past three years, and just like that I was surfing the web – that’s when I found it.

I am the terror that flaps in the night, I am the batteries that are not included, I am the raspberry seed you can’t floss out, I am a special news bulletin that interrupts your favorite show, I am the low ratings that cancel your program, I am the ten dollar service charge on all returned checks, I am the smoke that smokes smoked oysters, I am Darkwing Duck!

"Let's Get Dangerous!"

     It took every ounce of adult power in me to not buy this little guy for $99.99, or the Rescue Rangers. I had to repeat the mantra “You are turning 28 on Sunday, you are a mature and responsible person, you are less than 15 years away from 40.” So I quickly exed out of the window and texted my brother Tim. “I am the terror who flaps in the night! I am the termite who devours your floorboards, I am the fingernail that scrapes the black board of your soul, I am the headache of the criminal mind!! I am ________ ______! … Name that hero” He instantly replied “Darkwing Duck…. Come on. Give me a challenge.” Point taken.

     To anyone who misses Saturday Mornings with the Disney Channel; Here’s to Launchpad McQuack and Mr. McD, here’s to The Rescue Rangers – mostly Gidgit, as they didn’t let their tiny stature stop them from most human tasks, here’s to Goofy and Donald Duck, may they ever be battling the clock that wouldn’t just take a bath quietly, here’s to Pluto and Mickey, Talespin and my huge crush on an animated bear named Kit Cloud Kicker, oh and “Fire at the Sea Duck!” Here’s to me, wishing I was 9 and stuffing my face with Captain Crunch cereal and whistling the tune to The Goof Troop.

Now, Suck Gas Evil Doers!

How to wear pincurls under your helmet.

No one's asking her when she's having kids.

     There are many reasons why I love riding a motorcycle. Triumph North America asked me to do a survey yesterday via their Facebook page. It asked me many questions about riding and it made me think. Unfortunately as I do not yet own a Triumph many of the questions on ride ability and gas consumption I simply had to select “no opinion”; however when it asked me to describe Triumph in three words from a provided list I chose “Classic”, “Quality”, and “Rebel”.

     Even though I felt like a cheat taking the Triumph test as it asked me why I owned a Virago and not a Boneville, ($$), I still felt cool just being able to take the survey at all. How do you feel when riding a bike pick one; ‘dangerous’, ‘free’, ‘calm’, or ‘like Steve McQueen”. Personally I feel about half way between calm and free.

     I can’t be fully calm as my Virago is,  how do you say, dangerous? Maybe. TF refuses to ride it. I’m looking into replacing the front disk brake as it’s warped and when I brake the whole front end bounces up and down. But she’s my gal Friday! She’s the only bike I’ve really ridden and I love her. My Bike is one of the reasons I love to ride motorcycles. Really, if I could have filled in my own answer instead of chosing from the list I would have written “When I ride my über cool black bike with no windshield, in my black jacket and silver helmet, I feel like a street ninja. But like a retro, 50’s ninja”.

    This morning on my way to work, in my truck mumbling to myself about how I should have taken the bike even if it were raining, I discovered an amazing advantage of bike vs. truck. You see, I passed a hitch hiker. I always feel guilty when I see them at the T on my way to work. I’m going like 700m down the road and I know that they don’t want me to stop but they don’t, they just glare at me as I drive past trying to not make eye contact. I love being able to pick up hitch hikers when I’m travelling down Island, I want to shout out the window “good luck”, “get you next time”, or something else to ease the guilt. But, if I were on a bike?? Oh baby. I’d be thinking, “oh ya, you wish you were me, I know I know… I’m cool.”

     I love being able to say I ride a bike, I love riding my bike. It’s a guilt-free pleasure, it’s open road with no room for dogs or passengers, it’s the ulitmate selfishness with no bad after taste. Take that Triumph.

And when I say Ninja, I don't mean the bike. I mean the stealthy, kick ass, killer cool Asian dude; only I'm a girl.

The Tides of March… ha

I continue to rock on the New Year’s plan; I will however fail in April but I’ll get to that later.
I got to the West Coast of the Island of Vancouver. It was epic, it was salty, it was full of sunshine. As per the predetermined plan – I also took pictures.

April is supposed to be a kick ass road trip to San Fran with my bff but TF had some information that I had ‘forgotten’. Apparently the plan for my birthday celebration this year was to attend Super Cross in Seattle. I’m trading one motorcycled adventure as a single lady, for a fun-filled road trip to watch dirt bikes jump through fire hoops… or whatever they do. Also, we’ll be visiting the first Starbuck so I’m happy.

Cia and sorry I’ve been so absent, I’m busy not planning. Procrastination is so time consuming!

Moi xoxo

I have a crush on a monster

Hey, anybody heard of this little website called Pinterest?! It’s this new super-cool place to post interesting waste your time!! Like we needed any more of those eh? And guess what? I’m totally on it.

Well, one day browsing Pinterest, I finally gave in and started a board on fitness and healthy eating. [Can I just say, there is so many food pinners out there that I’ve had to stop going on Pinterest past 7pm so I don’t get the munchies!] It’s quite sad that ‘pinning’ exercises doesn’t actually burn calories, in fact I belive there’s a pin about it.

In my feverish ‘surfing’ and ‘pinning’ and ‘liking’….[what have we made of our lives?] I stumbled upon a wickedly green looking smoothie. My life was about to change drastically.

I have never been much of a smoothie person as I can see the epic amounts of hidden calories in them. I never thought they were worth it. Now pile a heap of whipping cream on top of a double cappuccino and you’re talking my language. But I digress.

I was introduced to “The Monster Smoothie”. I also started following Iowa Girl Eats, she’s got awesome posts all the time. Check her out!

Now I did it her way first, I promise, and it was oh so good. It was, however, 350 calories. I knew I could cut it back and save the nutrition and flavor. Here’s my modified version that has served as my breakfast for the past two and a half weeks.


Monster Smoothie:

  • 3/4 c Fat Free Liberty Greek Style Yogurt with Honey – 140 calories
  • 1/2 Banana, frozen in slices – 53 calories
  • 4 c Spinach – 28 calories
  • 1 tsp Kraft Smooth Peanut Butter – 27 calories
  • 1 c of water, give or take – 0 calories

Put everything in the blender, hit ‘liquefy’ and watch. Add more water if needed. 248 Calories total.

I’ve been playing around with this a bit. This morning TF asked for a smoothie too and I know he likes blueberries so I added a cup of frozen berries. I ran out of spinach yesterday so I added a couple teaspoons of Greens Plus powder. I threw 1/2 an avocado in the other day – super silky texture! And usually I have the portioned out yogurt, so I freeze those as well.

I have become the monster.

Enjoy your week, and check out Iowa Girl!


Peace out homes.

Moi xoxo



Things to do While Engaged Pt. 4

Buy yourself something sparkly!
And I don’t mean it has to have rocks – cause baby, as long as it says Tiffany’s I’m in heaven!

I waltzed my little, (ahem), behind into that posh joint with a tea in hand. I did not have over-sized sunglasses or a beehive hair do, but I still felt famous. The man to my left was looking at a ring for his incredibly young-looking girlfriend, the price tag was only $29k … then I felt justified to buy whatever I could possibly afford.
I can’t show you a picture of it as TF has confiscated it as it’s not ‘mine’ yet, but I crossed the second goal for 2012 off my list. I’ve found a pic online, and here’s one of me and my mom! It was instagrammed, (wow – it’s a verb and a great app now), so sorry for the stretchy quality.

I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend and a Tiffany & Co. rose gold ring 🙂 … Yay

 Don’t you just love it?


Ciao lovers