Head ’em up, move ’em out!


I’m getting ready to leave again. I think I have eaten, and drank my way through the whole summer – successfully allowing my muscles from earlier melt back into useless fat. Luckily the first day of school is landing on a Tuesday, “Boot Camp” day. I can feel my lungs, glutes, and quads burning already. The only thing keeping me going, is the realization that I won’t be the only one – hopefully.

I’m simultaneously super excited, and completely hesitant to go back. While I love everything about learning to be a farrier, and being in a school environment I now know how much I am going to miss the husband. A lot. Tonnes even. It gets a bit wearing when all you want to do is talk but your last phone bill was $300, (true story), and the internet is too poor to hold a Skype conversation.

These realizations cause me to wonder a couple things: 1) Is it still a long distance relationship when you’re married? and 2) will North America ever get with the program on mobile phone billing? Come on! It’s times like these that I miss the UK, but that would be long distance.

In two months I have managed to read two books, go to Ontario, make an off centre birthday cake covered in ganache three tiers high. I have spent time with good friends, wonderful family, and my man and my dogs. I have re-integrated the cat into the house and caused her to trust and love humans again. We, (the husband and I), have cooked together, traveled together, and survived a possible 127 Hours scenario.  We have played card games, spent time with our favorite couple more that once(!) and talked about camping. I will miss all of this like crazy but I know that it will be here, supporting me in love, until I return for December.

I’m looking forward to hard work, smelling horses all day, being physically and mentally challenged. Going to the Aquarium, Bard on the Beach, and visiting my grandma. I will be packing lunches with all the glee of a kindergartener, and doing yoga every morning. Mini Ponies. I will attempt to keep my hands lady like while still smashing my 2lb hammer all over that steel. It’s gonna be a blast.



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