You can be a real bag.


This is the first night we spent on our USA road trippin’ honeymoon. We spent the evening looking at Vancouver Island, in a VW. Rock on 🙂

I have been so M.I.A. this last month that I have SO much fun stuff to write about! So much, in fact, that I can’t remember any of it.

For starters, I got married in May. I threw, (we threw), a kick ass, stress free, party for our friends to watch us get hitched. Cross #5 off the New Years Resolutions list. Apparently I have to paint a picture for June; you may or may not get an update of that. But – straight after the wedding we did what you would expect. Took off.

McHusband and I drove to the coast of Oregon said hi and then drove to Portland. We spent a good quality 38 hours there. We shopped vintage pendelton, went to the worlds largest and coolest bookstore, (where I got pretty lost somewhere in the purple room? Orange level?!), and we ate at this super cool place called The Fish Grotto.
There’s no sales tax in Oregon, score! Score quite a bit thank you very much. Some Nike, a rose gold Kenneth Cole watch, a pair of 20 year anniversary edition Vans for him, and much more. The one thing we should have bought and didn’t we both have un-buyer’s remorse over.

If I wasn’t trying to post this on my new iPad I’d guarantee there’d be a cool pic to go with that link; check back tomorrow I’ll sort it. 


Chrome is a super company who makes messenger and other bags for all you cool pedal and motorized biker people out there. There’s some ultra aqua proof material and a seatbelt styled clip that doubles as a bottle opener. It’s the most Canadian American bag ever. We both need one.

So! We’ve just, (two seconds ago), decided to take the bikes to Portland and buy two of the bags. Grey for me green for him. We’ll make a day of it, buy beer and ride home.

Ain’t love grand?

Sayanora muchachos

Moi xoxo


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