To do’s post I do’s


Well, it’s officially here – marriage.

Things that have immediately changed:
– Status from “Spinster” to “Married”. True story, look carefully while signing your marriage registrar. (AKA Ms. to Mrs.)
– Weird yet simultaniously awesome “Married” feeling.
– Place of residence.
– Gas bills ++$$. Drive to work from home is now 65 km instead of 6km.
– Number of rings now on ring finger, (2).
– Email address, and online username.
– Pictures of wedding up on FB.
– Dress size, +1. I’m sure it’s the bliss of married life, I need to get over it.

Things in the process of changing:
– actual and legal name changing; SIN card, Care card, VISA card, Drivers Licence, Passport, Library card.
– Garden. I have a house now, time to spruce it up.
– Professional photos being worked over.
– Many “Welcome to our happy home” dinners. 1 down, 99 to go.
– Dress size, -2. Time to get scared again.
– Signature; I’m working on it.

Now just because this is still a book blog… sort of;
– I have read 1-15 of The Walking Dead volumes – zomberific!


Mrs. Moi


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