How to wear pincurls under your helmet.

No one's asking her when she's having kids.

     There are many reasons why I love riding a motorcycle. Triumph North America asked me to do a survey yesterday via their Facebook page. It asked me many questions about riding and it made me think. Unfortunately as I do not yet own a Triumph many of the questions on ride ability and gas consumption I simply had to select “no opinion”; however when it asked me to describe Triumph in three words from a provided list I chose “Classic”, “Quality”, and “Rebel”.

     Even though I felt like a cheat taking the Triumph test as it asked me why I owned a Virago and not a Boneville, ($$), I still felt cool just being able to take the survey at all. How do you feel when riding a bike pick one; ‘dangerous’, ‘free’, ‘calm’, or ‘like Steve McQueen”. Personally I feel about half way between calm and free.

     I can’t be fully calm as my Virago is,  how do you say, dangerous? Maybe. TF refuses to ride it. I’m looking into replacing the front disk brake as it’s warped and when I brake the whole front end bounces up and down. But she’s my gal Friday! She’s the only bike I’ve really ridden and I love her. My Bike is one of the reasons I love to ride motorcycles. Really, if I could have filled in my own answer instead of chosing from the list I would have written “When I ride my über cool black bike with no windshield, in my black jacket and silver helmet, I feel like a street ninja. But like a retro, 50’s ninja”.

    This morning on my way to work, in my truck mumbling to myself about how I should have taken the bike even if it were raining, I discovered an amazing advantage of bike vs. truck. You see, I passed a hitch hiker. I always feel guilty when I see them at the T on my way to work. I’m going like 700m down the road and I know that they don’t want me to stop but they don’t, they just glare at me as I drive past trying to not make eye contact. I love being able to pick up hitch hikers when I’m travelling down Island, I want to shout out the window “good luck”, “get you next time”, or something else to ease the guilt. But, if I were on a bike?? Oh baby. I’d be thinking, “oh ya, you wish you were me, I know I know… I’m cool.”

     I love being able to say I ride a bike, I love riding my bike. It’s a guilt-free pleasure, it’s open road with no room for dogs or passengers, it’s the ulitmate selfishness with no bad after taste. Take that Triumph.

And when I say Ninja, I don't mean the bike. I mean the stealthy, kick ass, killer cool Asian dude; only I'm a girl.


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