The Tides of March… ha

I continue to rock on the New Year’s plan; I will however fail in April but I’ll get to that later.
I got to the West Coast of the Island of Vancouver. It was epic, it was salty, it was full of sunshine. As per the predetermined plan – I also took pictures.

April is supposed to be a kick ass road trip to San Fran with my bff but TF had some information that I had ‘forgotten’. Apparently the plan for my birthday celebration this year was to attend Super Cross in Seattle. I’m trading one motorcycled adventure as a single lady, for a fun-filled road trip to watch dirt bikes jump through fire hoops… or whatever they do. Also, we’ll be visiting the first Starbuck so I’m happy.

Cia and sorry I’ve been so absent, I’m busy not planning. Procrastination is so time consuming!

Moi xoxo


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