I have a crush on a monster

Hey, anybody heard of this little website called Pinterest?! It’s this new super-cool place to post interesting waste your time!! Like we needed any more of those eh? And guess what? I’m totally on it.

Well, one day browsing Pinterest, I finally gave in and started a board on fitness and healthy eating. [Can I just say, there is so many food pinners out there that I’ve had to stop going on Pinterest past 7pm so I don’t get the munchies!] It’s quite sad that ‘pinning’ exercises doesn’t actually burn calories, in fact I belive there’s a pin about it.

In my feverish ‘surfing’ and ‘pinning’ and ‘liking’….[what have we made of our lives?] I stumbled upon a wickedly green looking smoothie. My life was about to change drastically.

I have never been much of a smoothie person as I can see the epic amounts of hidden calories in them. I never thought they were worth it. Now pile a heap of whipping cream on top of a double cappuccino and you’re talking my language. But I digress.

I was introduced to “The Monster Smoothie”. I also started following Iowa Girl Eats, she’s got awesome posts all the time. Check her out!

Now I did it her way first, I promise, and it was oh so good. It was, however, 350 calories. I knew I could cut it back and save the nutrition and flavor. Here’s my modified version that has served as my breakfast for the past two and a half weeks.


Monster Smoothie:

  • 3/4 c Fat Free Liberty Greek Style Yogurt with Honey – 140 calories
  • 1/2 Banana, frozen in slices – 53 calories
  • 4 c Spinach – 28 calories
  • 1 tsp Kraft Smooth Peanut Butter – 27 calories
  • 1 c of water, give or take – 0 calories

Put everything in the blender, hit ‘liquefy’ and watch. Add more water if needed. 248 Calories total.

I’ve been playing around with this a bit. This morning TF asked for a smoothie too and I know he likes blueberries so I added a cup of frozen berries. I ran out of spinach yesterday so I added a couple teaspoons of Greens Plus powder. I threw 1/2 an avocado in the other day – super silky texture! And usually I have the portioned out yogurt, so I freeze those as well.

I have become the monster.

Enjoy your week, and check out Iowa Girl!


Peace out homes.

Moi xoxo





  1. Burgandy Ice

    Hahahaha The trouble with great shakes is they’re so… GREEN!!! Hahahahaha Great-sounding mix, though. I like spinach a lot, ’cause it’s so light. I’ve made enough that this recipe you found sounds really good. 🙂

    I like apples and spinach, too. I have an aluminum container I put it in so I can’t see the color!! 😀 I make the kids a chocolate peanut butter shake with cocoa and banana and lots of peanut butter and I can add a little spinach in that without ’em knowing. or carrot. If they aren’t watching. They like my shakes.

    I also am sucked into Pinterest. I check the clock when I start ’cause time passes while I’m on there like nowhere else and I’ve lost random hours before, so I’m trying to pay attention!! Hahahahaha

    I also started a list of book bloggers on Pinterest.


    Fun post. I like this bloglovin’ tracker… it sends me updates when you blog!!! 🙂

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