Things to do While Engaged Pt. 4

Buy yourself something sparkly!
And I don’t mean it has to have rocks – cause baby, as long as it says Tiffany’s I’m in heaven!

I waltzed my little, (ahem), behind into that posh joint with a tea in hand. I did not have over-sized sunglasses or a beehive hair do, but I still felt famous. The man to my left was looking at a ring for his incredibly young-looking girlfriend, the price tag was only $29k … then I felt justified to buy whatever I could possibly afford.
I can’t show you a picture of it as TF has confiscated it as it’s not ‘mine’ yet, but I crossed the second goal for 2012 off my list. I’ve found a pic online, and here’s one of me and my mom! It was instagrammed, (wow – it’s a verb and a great app now), so sorry for the stretchy quality.

I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend and a Tiffany & Co. rose gold ring 🙂 … Yay

 Don’t you just love it?


Ciao lovers



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