A Spoonfull of Determination

Well, let’s not call them ‘resolutions’ lets call them “The monthly recipe to having an intentionally great year”. Ya, that looks great. Okay! 

1.) Find running shoes: start couch to 5k.
2.) Decide on and put a payment on a wedding band from Tiffany’s. 
3.) Hike to the West Coast, take pictures as proof. Start garden. 
4.) Celebrate last birthday as a “single” lady. Go to SanFran with BFF.
5.) Throw a kick ass, stress free party for all my friends so they can watch me get married. Live the moment; you only get married for the first time once. 
6.) Paint a picture. 
7.) Read a book I’ve put off from the NYR/2011.
8.) Make a sour dough starter. Keep it alive forever. 
9.) Harvest. Cultivate. Enjoy. 
10.) Make epic costume. 
11.) Bake every weekend. Of just this month… maybe.
12.) Go to Sudbury for Christmas. 



  1. Laura@bunnytales

    What a great list!! I can’t wait to see all the updates (read this as ‘live vicariously through the updates’).

    I did C25K a couple years ago…I’ve never been a runner and gave up after I ran my first mile. But it worked up to that point!! Maybe you’ll inspire me to give it another go!

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