The (four) Musketeers

From the first I was shocked. You’ve heard me bitch about how movies are always ‘adapted’ beyond control and that the original plot was tampered with unnecessarily. Well, this may not always be the case… I may have been blown away by the simultaneously “true to the book” and “artistic licence and adaptations”.

Flying war ships? Okay! I don’t mind because they have a near chronological story line to the book, and some dialogue almost seems quoted from the original Dumas. Lady Dewinter is basically a version of Alice from Resident Evil only she wears a bigger dress with more lace; but hey she’s still totally evil and you can see why Athos loves her. The whole “you looked at me funny en guard!” thing is still intact. I LOVED IT.

TF didn’t, he said “At first I thought it was written for teenagers, and then I realized, it must have been written by teenagers.”  I don’t know if he is aware the books is basically the same thing. Written for teenaged boys about teenaged boys.

Highly entertaining. Lots of cool effects. Beautiful people. And finally, Orlando Bloom is a prissy evil character.

Go watch it.


PS Also, true to book, the Musketeers only said “All for one, one for all” once in the whole film… awesome.



  1. Two Bibliomaniacs

    The previews for this movie caused this book to leap ahead 50 spaces on my “must read before something really unfortunate happens to me” list. I finished it a few months ago and thought that it was highly entertaining (not quite as much as Monte Cristo, though). So glad to hear you thought the movie was faithful-ish to the book. Loved the “you looked at me funny en guard!” quote!

    Also, congrats on your recent news!

  2. jfeldt

    Thanks, I agree about The Count being a better book, but this one is definately an “Uproarously Good Time”. (That’s how I’d review it if I were a rich Newspaper journalist and asked to review books etc.”)
    Thanks for the Book to Movie challenge! I don’t know if I would have had nearly as much fun reading half of these if I weren’t trying to watch the films right away 🙂

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