Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend. She was frustrated with someone and didn’t know “Why they won’t change”. I had an “OhmygoshIhavetheperfectadvice!!” moment. You see I watched Dexter the evening before; Deb is in therapy and she has issues with Dexter being “distant and unsupportive”. (Seriously I can’t belive Deb is STILL surprised about that.. it’s been like six seasons already! He is who he is.) The therapist said at one point;
Therapist: Would you expect a chair…suddenly become a… table?
Debra: No, but…
Therapist: No, because a chair…
Debra: …is a chair.
So I got to feel all smart because of my television adiction. I’m not sure if it actually helped my friend but… I get it if it doesn’t, she’s a chair.


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