Well, I didn’t get a rock chip this year.

When September rolled around and Winter drew ever closer I had a veritable ‘mixed bag’ of feelings towards it. It is one of my two favorite seasons, and I was excited about crackling fires in my wood stove, warm and spicy eggnog lattes, and the general happy feeling of approaching Christmas. On the other hand, I was dreading the long, tough, battle that was going to ensue between my windshield and the ridiculously over-sized “winter abrasive” our back country, hillbilly road workers pass off as legal.

I decided to take a drastic step this year. The only windshield protection / preventative crack maintenance I could think of was a serious one. Prayer. And boy did I pray. I prayed from September until last week; “Lord, I declare a crack free winter for my little windshield here, thanks in advance”, “I rebuke the plans of Emcon (aforementioned local hillbilly company)! Get thee behind me sandman!” And so forth.

I felt good, I even felt victorious. I was having good feelings about the winter ahead.

I should have prayed for the whole damn thing. I can tell you that there is no mere ‘crack’ anywhere in the windshield. The whole friggen thing blew out. But I, and the two dogs, are alive and un-hurt. Now I get to go truck shopping. I’m thinking Mitsubishi Pajero, check them out here.

Good by Mits Bishi, I loved you incredibly.

Moi xoxo

P.S. Besides the dogs, I decided the most important thing to extract from the destroyed vehicle was my Urban Decay NAKED eyeshadow pallet… who am I? I blame, (thank), Celina.


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