Most of you won’t get it, that doesn’t make you less than those of us who do, it just means you won’t be misty-eyed for the next week when you think of it. I can’t imagine the thoughts that went through the mind of Eric Lamaze as his partner just collapsed out from under him. This is one of those things that will cement 2011 in my mind. “The year Hickstead died”. He was amazing, they were amazing, they made our Country proud.
All we can do is hug our partners a little tighter, pat them on the shoulder, and thank God we get to hang out with them for a little while.

He was a joy to watch. He was the bar others wanted to measure up to. He was Hickstead.



  1. jfeldt

    I don’t, no. It was viral on Facebook the day he died and I got it from there. If you do find out please let me know and I’ll either credit or link to the person.

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