It’s not what it looks like

     Cause to me it looks like he just killed a guy with a hack saw and he’s trying to hit a high falsetto as he sings about the troubles of loving a corpse. It’s definitely not that.

     What is happening is poor Hugo, a roadie, is disposing of the body of some d-bag that his bass playing Vampirella lady just drank. In his left hand he has just caught a fly and is about to eat it. After consuming the fly he cries, as he realises that he is a modern-day Renfield. Hugo’s French Canadian accent makes this whole thing funnier. My favorite quote is when he tells his band that their beloved bassist vampire just “ate the Itchies”.

It’s the Halloween season. Watch Suck. You deserve it.
Oh ya, if you need one last reason to watch this film….Henry Rollins is in it.

Moi xoxo



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