New Product! (2)

Firt of all, if you still haven’t gotten the pop culture reference to Ren and Stimpy, you should hang your head in shame. Second of all Here’s my next step in smoking alternatives: Ploom

This is the coolest, most satisfying thing I have ever used in place of smoking, including a tobacco pipe. Let me just tell you, I have the cold of the century right now, and I was so sad that the day my Ploom finally arrived I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it, then I had an idea. You see there’s a herbal blend called “Kick-ass Mint”, so I thought “well, I’m drinking a whole hell of a lot of tea right now, maybe I should ‘smoke’ some.” AMAZING. It soothes my throat.

I’m sure I will write more on this little baby later, but for now – go get one. Just click on the picture, load up your cart, and enjoy. Do it now.

Moi xoxo


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