I’ve got chills; they’re multiplyin’.

     I am vastly enjoying Dracula by Bram Stoker, it’s an easy read and it cracks me up all the time. I’m shocked really. Remember my little talk on “readers block” over here? Well my current experience with Dracula is slightly less floodgate-y than The Great Gatsby, but it is similar in the instance that now I love it to death, (haha), and before it was the bane of my mortal existence. .. . (haha).

     I have a cold. It is annoying. Short sentences make me happy. I’m chilly all the time, my nose is running like the faucet, (quite literally in my case as that stupid thing is still broken and leaking like a… now what simile do I use?), and I am achy. Do you know what my most-hated part of having a cold is? It will shock and amaze you, you will say “for shame” while secretly agreeing with me. Here it is: You don’t lose weight.

     What’s the point of feeling like $#*t if I don’t get to go down a dress size? Models never kissed a sniffly little kid so they’d lose weight, they ate bad shrimp. Sigh, blame this on the floating head, spiny brain thing. Anyway – November I’m going back to no-carbs for the first time since I was 16. Yes I should just do weight watchers, but I’m not, get over it.


     In other news, I finally got “A Town Like Alice” from the local library. I’ve been on a wait list for about four months, no exaggerations necessary. When I picked it up the librarian put a big old sticker on it that said 14 DAYS ONLY, NO RENEWALS! Apparently lots of people like this book. Wonder if I’ll let the pressure propel me or take me under…hmm.

    Well I’m off now, talk at ya all later.



One comment

  1. GermanG

    !. You kind of remind me of a guy whose sick.
    2. Your faucet part is here awaiting the “hunters” return so he can install it.
    3. It’s a damn good thing you have decided not to have children……I don’t think you could handle it!

    That’s all….oh and I love you! LOL

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