And Finally

I did it! I finally got over that massive “readers block’ / “I’m going to hold my breath until all those books on my list magically disappear” moment. I’m on chapter four of Dracula and I love it.

Despite owning Dracula for eight to nine years, and attempting to read it more than once I’ve never made it past chapter one. I find that funny, because it’s a great read. It reminds me of The Historian, although I’m more than aware that The Historian is based on Dracula. I like the whole first person/journal entry idea. It’s v Blair Witch meets The Woman in White.

I’m actually super excited to be back on the list and reading again. I feel all dedicated and organized. I was feeling rather down about the whole thing until last Monday when I cleaned my entire house and found my original NYR 2011 list and was able to cross of over twenty books. I’ve done well. Now I have a new obsession….. Carving the Count into one of my six pumpkins 🙂

I have my idea for the costume. It’s gonna be great. You’re gonna love it.
(before you guess, it’s not Dracula, or Dracula related. It is Disney related… and not a princess.)




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