In Other Words

I went off course, took a wrong turn, wrong way down the one way; I enjoyed every blessed minute of it. Over the Thanksgiving weekend I not only ate three separate turkeys, (not all alone), I also read a whole book in less than ten hours. That book wasn’t on any list. That book was wonderful.

Stein’s book isn’t the most amazing novel every written, it likely won’t even make my top twenty list; however it was wildly enjoyable. I was like the monkey in the middle while joy and sorrow threw a ball back and forth and I tried to catch it. This book balances on the knife-edge of emotions and pulls you along. It’s been a long time since my heart was squeezed to tight and I had to remind myself “this is fiction settle down”.

After finishing this book I spent a 12 hour day cleaning my entire house, I even washed windows inside and out. I talked to my cat and realized he is exactly like Enzo, just less cuddly. I brined and cooked a Cornish game hen to perfection. Poultry, can’t get enough. It was a perfect holiday weekend. Happy Not-Thanksgiving Weekend everyone!

Moi xoxo


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