just kidding

Guess what I’ve been doing indoors, in public, in front of my parents and friends, beside a new-born, in a car with a teen, in my office? Guess how “not-guilty” I’ve been feeling? Guess how I don’t smell? Guess what I’m doing right now! I’m smoking E-Cigarettes. “E” for electric, excellent, entirely ethical; I’m so elated!

I took myself out for coffee the other day and the guy behind the counter is a kid I’ve known for a while. He told me he was 44 days clean from smoking. I gave him the encouraging pep talk congratulations and he said “you should quite too it’s easy!” “Ahh, little non-smoking evangelist”, I said, “I like smoking, I have never really wanted to quit. It’s not the nicotine my friend”, I smiled condescendingly, “it’s the habit.” Then he whipped it out. The e-cig. I was shocked! Why have I never heard of these? [I had].

I have used my little backward town as my go-to excuse for a number of things:

  • Why I don’t eat more vegetables (produce is expensive and poor selection/quality).
  • Why I don’t do yoga (there’s no one who leads a class here and I’m more than capable of getting myself into real trouble).
  • Why I wear jeans too often (no clothing stores here and hey, everyone else is still wearing pajama pants to IGA).
  • Why I have yet to try an e-cigarette (there’s nowhere to get them here).

Unfortunately/fortunately things are a-changin! The Hyde-Creek Esso just brought in Smoke NV products. There’s no nicotine option with Smoke NV, but I told everyone that wasn’t my problem anyway… Now I drove my little self right to the gas station and grabbed a disposable one for $13. I was blown away (hehe).

Guess Who Just Got Cool Again?

You know what? There’s one out there for everyone. I researched these little suckers to death. I wasted a good 10 hours online reading about which one’s are better, more flavors, who has a blue tip and a pink cartridge, which one’s come in gold etc etc. Then I stumbled on this spectacular website and instantly added it as one of my ‘faves’ right in the little header thingy. They’ve done all the work for you and even have coupons for a lot of the companies. Go ahead. NO ONE has an excuse to smoke the real thing anymore. Guess what? You can call me an e-cig evangelist.




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