I’m a loser baby

…so why don’t you kill me?

Great now hopefully I’ll get that song out of my head.

SO. It has been three days since I finished Oliver Twist, and over a week since I finished The Secret History. What am I reading now you ask? [jfeldt casts eyes down and to the left, clears her throat.] well…. nothing.

I’ve been busy. I just got back from Calgary. I’m tired? There’s been a lot of ‘catch up’ paper work at the Helicopter job. I found a new love of cooking? The horses took all my brain power… sigh. It’s this new RPG game I found.


I know, I know. But it’s true.

For those of you still with us, let me tell you a story. Once a few years back, there was this girl. She was uber-cool in every way. She read books alone all the time, she loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and she snorted when she laughed. She also lost roughly two hundred and twenty-four days of her life to this little game called Evony.

Evony is not a great game, the girl knew this, however her somewhat faltering social life caused her to cling not un-scarliy to the guild she was in. They talked RL they talked game. They strategized and fought each others battles. It was a real family. jk.

The girl finally decided her RL was going to sink into obscurity, and she made up her mind to leave the game. [Not really, she just sort of forgot about it and then was too ashamed to go back.] Also she started dating real boys and they frowned upon the excuse “sorry I’ve just got to farm for like two hours then I’ll call you.”

-insert break of two years and three boyfriend’s later-

The girl was recently in a long car ride travelling across the great land of Ca Na Da. She decided to check out the Apps store on her iPhone ROM10:9 to pass the long stretches of highway. She was surprised to see an RPG section, having never really played anything like that since Mist on the family’s first PC ever, she thought – “what the hay?” and gave it a whirl.

A week of not picking up a new book later, we find our girl immersed in a puddle of shame. She loves Aralon, sure there’s no guild or RL people to talk to, but she’s addicted. Love knows no boundaries right? Who says you can’t love a game? WHO SAYS!

So now that I’ve come out with all this I’ve decided to try to pick my new book! How about Dracula eh? I have a feeling I’m really going to like the part of the snivelling compelled human who falls under the supernatural power of the Count. Also I think I’ll watch some more Buffy! I just love the one where Xander falls under Dracula’s spell and keeps calling him “Master….bater” to try and fool everyone.

Plus I can totally read and play Aralon! Work may suffer though, and TBF may think I’m slightly distant…. crud.

Moi xoxo




  1. andriaparker

    I don’t think there needs to be any shame in this. I play Dungeons & Dragons without shame to this day. So what, I lost a couple friends and know weird Elvish words that no one else understands and sometimes wear black capes around my backyard in the middle of the night… so what…

    PS. Dracula, awesome choice. Especially for this time of year.

  2. jfeldt

    thanks! And I totally would have read Lolita by now only I’ve misplaced it and now I’m stubbornly refusing to read it until it shows itself… along with my glasses, those have taken a short walk as well.

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