Get Back On The Horse

     So I grew up riding horses, awesome right? Right. I grew out of it, terrible right? Right. When I say I ‘grew out of it’ that doesn’t mean I decided I like high-school boys and make up more than horses, cause that’s a total lie and something I promised myself would never happen. What did end up happening is that right around the age of 17 I realised horses are expensive, and if I was going to be able to travel and live on my own, it wasn’t going to be realistic to stay horsey. So I distanced myself big time, and put up a big wall. Totally melodramatic in only the way a 17 year old girl could be. And I was basically lazy, so that helped.

     Over tha last ten, (TEN!), years I have made various attempts to get back into the swing of things. It seems there’s never quite enough time, money, or barn clothes to make it work in my overly crowded brain. Over the last week, something changed.

     It’s all TBF’s fault. He wanted to go to Woss, and had to be at work in the morning at some hellish hour, and we only had one vehicle. I was sulky and wondered “what am I going to do already awake at 7:00am? Tragedy.” Then I had a rogue thought, “I should call Bek and we should totally ride. Let’s Ride!” She was down, it was on. So that was Thursday morning, and oh ya it was also this morning, and it’s going to be tomorrow afternoon. You know what to do when you fall off from a love of horses ten years ago? Get back on.


One comment

  1. miirichan

    I am so glad that I got back into horses. I just have had the hardest time of falling in and out of it. It’s been awful. I have good news about the money though! You can “lease” a horse for so much a month, and not have to buy it. This way, you can have the horse in a sense and not have to commit to the full expense of it.

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