le sigh…

     So I carried on in my conquest of book to movie challenge. I watched The Woman in White, and A Tale of Two Cities. While A Tale of Two Cities was actually pretty darn great, The Woman in White was highly disappointing.

     Masterpiece Theatre is wonderful, and I love hearing the host give the forward and afterwards. I do understand why some things were left out, I even agree. I totally disagree with some major plot changes, and character amalgamation. Ah well. I will say that the choice of Simon Callow as Fosco was a thumbs up; and if you’re trying to figure out where you’ve seen Hartwright before – he’s the star of last years screaming hit The Walking Dead… which TBF made me watch. *shudder.

     A Tale of Two Cities was awesome. For the year it was made, 1980, they did a bang up job. Sydney Carton/Charles Darnay was none other than good old Price Humperdink a la The Princess Bride. I love Sydney Carton, always did, and he was well represented. (In contrast/comparison to how much I loved Marion Halcombe, and didn’t love the representation in the film.)

     All in all I find I am quite cynical while watching a film that has been adapted from a book I have loved. It’s unfortunate for the film. I’m fast aproaching Oliver! as I’m nearly done the audio book.

Stay Classy

Moi xoxo


One comment

  1. Two Bibliomaniacs

    Well, so maybe I’m not looking forward to Woman in White so much any more.

    For some reason I think I’m the only one who didn’t like Tale of Two Cities… And I love Dickens. It’s near the top of my reread list.

    Btw… Loved the earlier Rufio reference!

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