Have you written your speech yet?

the hotel TBF booked us.... you know the drill.... he's awesome 🙂

Have you ever tried a Manhattan or three? I did on the advice from the bartender in the lounge downstairs. They are divine. I am reflecting on Calgary and I have decided: I like it.

My brother is getting married tomorrow. The cops here wear cow-boy hats and don’t think that is a reason for amusement. When you cook a cow right, it is divine. Bowmore 18-year-old is even more heavenly.

Do I wear my old boring water proof mascara tomorrow? Or the new non weepy tested stuff I really like. (It makes me feel like Twiggy.)

I just finished my speech to the groom, and I don’t have a printer here, so I’ll have to memorize it. That’s cool.

I’m going to sleep now.


Oh ya, my Delica is valley parked in the ally cause it doesn’t fit in the under ground parking. It’s real classy. The concierge keeps calling me miss, I’ve almost decided I’m some celeb in disguise but I can’t pick who I want to be more: Scarlet Johansen or Kathryn Hepburn.

I’m really tired.






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