Dancing in the Dark

     So on Tuesday night I thought about packing for the trip. Of course if I actually had packed, the world would have ended or hell would have frozen over while pigs flew around my dazed head. You see I make it a point to never pack until the night before at the earliest, day of being much better suited to my procrastinatory self.

     While I thought about packing I realized I had yet to plan my outfit for the rehearsal dinner. As an immediate family member I have the unique privilege of hanging with the bridal party the night before the big day. We’ll eat good food, drink good wine, and try not to break the wine glasses while smashing our cutlery into them demanding an over-use of PDA.

     Alarmed at the thought of airriving in my skivies I decided the best course of action would be to drink half a bottle of my Merritage blend and try on ever dress in my closet. This quickly spiraled into slapping on some hasty smokey eye shadow, smearing on a bit too much cream blush, and twisting my hair up into a bobby pinned version of “Rufio on the cat walk”, you know, just for the total package effect. [For those of you scratching your heads trying to figure out who Rufio is, think Hook… and shake your heads in shame.] Bangarang! Anyways. So then I proceeded to prance around my house in various arrangements of dress + shoes, skirt + flats + clutch, dress + boots – tights etc. And finally I whittled the list down to two possible choices and skyped TBF. After waltzing in front of the computer in the two very different, equally brand new to the public viewing, and uber tight I-wish-my-boyfriend-was-here to zip/unzip glory. We picked this lovely outfit:

     Of course it nearly goes without mentioning that this is all from www.pinupgirlclothing.com, almost. Love that site. So now I just have to go buy the miracle bra from Victoria Secrets and badabing badabang badaboom! Done.

     Take care peeps, I’m most likely somewhere between Hope and Calgary in a too hot van prattling on about moth mating habits and driving TBF batty.

Moi xoxo



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