Let’s Make Like a Tree and Get Outta Here!

So I’m leaving for Dogtango’s wedding soon, not quite yet – but soon. My parents left this morning and my sister left last week, I leave Wednesday and I can’t wait! Usually I don’t get excited about a trip until the day of, but this one’s a bit different! I mean, it’s the first family wedding 🙂 Also I am going to stay in a FABULOUS hotel with TBF cause he booked it, and he’s awesome.
Dogtango has emailed me three separate schedules, to-do lists, and check lists for the ceremony and reception… We’re different that way, I haven’t even written my speech yet. I should get on that soonish. Did I mention that technically I don’t need the lists/schedules as I’m not in the wedding party? Ah well, how bad can an over-abundance of information be? Plus I’ll be knockin back the white Albertan wine so I’ll just ‘go with the flow’.
I’m looking forward to driving over the vast expanse that is Canadaland. Great time to log some prime reading in! (While TBF is driving, not me, obviously.) Well, I’m done gushing now.
Moi xoxo


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