I watched the premier of Sons of Anarchy last night with TBF. We were both totally stoked. In fact, TBF got a new satellite channel just so we could watch it in HD. He’s awesome.
     You should have seen us watching the beginning clip that this lovely song by Joshua James played over. Well, you should have seen me. I was all “Juice has hair! Oh wow Tara looks like she just had a baby, so does Clay for that matter. I love Jax’s hair cut!” I missed them, it was nice to see them all again.
     Also, I finished Bleak House last night. So happy to be moving on in the quest to be well read. I’m going to listen to Oliver Twist next. Ah, please sir, can i read MORE books! (ok, feel free to groan aloud.)
Ciao peeps
Moi xoxo

I ain’t cuttin my hair ’til the books are done.


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