Things that make me :)

     My mom and I went ‘to the big city’ or, ‘down island’ yesterday. It was heaven. Beautiful weather, great girl time, and I bought some clothes that I’d been wishing I’d grabbed a couple of weeks ago. We visited Starbucks twice and we went to Chapters! I love Chapters.

     I walked around the retail section and touched everything. I paged through Moleskine’s for 2012, and gasped at the great new colors for their Volant books. (Next years diary is so going to rock.) I browsed sale sections, gardening sections, brainiac sections. After all my calm and blissful breathing in of everything that makes me happy I did a quick 90° turn, and marched to the Classic lit section.

     I read those bookshelves. I studiously found all the authors and books from the NYR list and I loaded my arms. I wobbled over to a table and started the long, slow, beautiful, and painful selection process. I was only going to buy one book, and I had to pair this mountain down.

     Carefully I read synopsis’, compared prices, compared first sentences. I judged books by their cover, by their characters, by their publishing date. I smelled them, they all smelled new. I agonized over the decision of which book I was going to read on the way to Calgary and back. It had to be relatively easy, I’ve been over indulging in the older ones on the list and I’m mentally pooped. I wanted to be able to love every minute of it and according to John Grisham’s little blurb on the inside cover, I found it.


     I’m so excited to be abandoning Vikram Seth for a while to dive into this psychological thriller. I’m sure I’ll burn my way through it and have to pony up on my Suitable Boy reading but whatever.

      I had never heard of The Secret History before getting ready for this year’s reading. I am continually amazed and the books I am being introduced to. Oh, I’m also stoked about the road trip, my new clothes, the fact that my muscles are deliciously sore from P90X… Basically? I. LOVE. SEPTEMBER.




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  1. Two Bibliomaniacs

    I’m always happy to hear that smeeling books is an important part of other people’s book selection process. Nice call on the break from A Suitable Boy – I read right through and am still having brain cramps. Tony Horton’s program did the same thing to me, but that’s a different story….

    Interested to hear what you think of A Secret History. I thought the novel was unique and very well written.

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