Not Like I Had Enough Going On Eh?

     So recently, like on Friday, I stumbled upon this super awesome blog called Two Bibliomaniacs. I found them via the Follow Friday blog hop (hint hint it works!).

     These two are pretty sweet.
They have lists – I love lists!
They appreciate good literature – I love really good literature!
They have a witty sense of humour – I have a witty sense of humour!
They host a Book To Movie Challenge – I joined!

     Wait what? oh ya, look over here. So not only are these two bloggers cool but they vlog too. Or they used to? I haven’t really perused their whole awesomeness yet but I will. I did watch this vlog that talked about how they weren’t going to do this thing anymore but now they were going to do a new thing… anyway. The new thing is a Read the Book – Watch the Movie challenge from June 2011 to Dec 31 2012? I’m pretty sure, and I think I could win some steak knives, or some cookies.

     Whatever the reason, I got sucked in. Maybe because I just watched The Color Purple and I’m all excited about it. Maybe because I’ve been keeping notes on the movies I must see: The Count of Monte Cristo, A Tale of Two Cities, who knows! Maybe it’s cause now I get to make a new tag. All I know is I’m at least one down! SO why not? Join me if you dare!

Moi xoxo



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