I’ll be there with bells on

   So my big little brohiem is getting hitched. Dogtango is about to tie the knot, in Calgary – COWTOWN!! – bummer. Not to the wedding, no, to the Calgary. Being strictly from BC I have a responsibility to disdain most provinces; namely Alberta and Ontario. (Why? Um, like because of the Flames, and the Maple Leaves…Canucks are the bomb!) However in the name of love I am going to put my prejudices aside and go to the oil soaked land of the cowboys, and have a great time, gol darn it.

     I couldn’t figure out what to wear for the life of me! I was going to go for this killer dress from Pinupgirlclothing but they have yet to deliver on the “We promise it’ll be ready in July” message. Then, then I found ASOS. (thanks in large part to www.bycelina.com, check out her shopping tab – so much to buy!)

     I bought, they shipped, and I bought some more. Want to know the un-holy, most tempting, absolutely damning part about them? You do don’t you. NO SHIPPING CHARGES!!!!  So I grabbed a great outfit for less than the PUG dress was (sans shipping charges of $30+), and then four days later went back and grabbed some killer accessories on 20% off. I’ll be indulging at least quarterly. Oh it’s a for sure thing.

  Moi xoxo


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