Girls Night In

     Last Saturday night N and I watched The Color Purple. We drank red wine, ate Chile, Lime, and Cumin popcorn with butter, and cried. This movie was well worth the wait, totally worth buying, and a beautiful use of imagery, dialogue, and music. It was a trifecta.
     I can’t belive it took me this long to watch the movie. I had never seen Danny Glover in such a mean roll before; he did a good job. Oprah was the perfect Sofia, and I can’t tell you how often I laughed out loud when I watched Harpo fall off another roof. 

     This film is probably my new, all-time favorite, best book to film adaptation. Oh, and the only thing I have to say in the negative is this: Whoopi Goldberg is gorgeous. Wasn’t Celie supposed to be ugly? I belive Whoopie Goldberg was the perfect Celie, she was absolutely amazing. I love this film.



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