Fun Friday Facts

There’s some fun and interesting stuff happening.

  • I bottled my wine yesterday.
  • I had to try a white to see if I would consider making it as a kit, I will not.
  • GermanG is home so I drank more wine last night. Oh well.
  • GermanG and I have started P90X today therefore I think my drinking alcohol again is totally fine. Bring it!
  • Ben has decided that when he gets into trouble the appropriate thing to do is run away. Therefore this morning when he was caught eating the cat’s food while standing on my table he jumped down, ran out the front door, down the street, and kept running. Bad dog.
  • I rode my bike to work today, TBF and I are going to go to Telegraph Cove for lunch, I’m excited. I’m also hungry now, and it’s only 11.

“Non-book-related this week!! Do you have pets?”

     Well, as you just read I do indeed have a bad dog. (I love him.) Ben is a 11 year old Australian Shepherd. Brewdis is my 10 year old fat, fluffy, grey and white cat who never lives with me as he prefers old men. He used to stay with Herman and after Herman moved into assisted living Brew moved next door to Joe. I’m sure he loves me – it’s the others he can’t stand. Peach is my 2 year old, 4 lives left, cat; I will do a whole cat related post one day, but not today. And finally, Dexter. He’s TBF’s 3 year old Lab. He will always be a puppy.

     Well, N and I are going to try to watch The Color Purple tomorrow night. Wish us luck! T-dog’s away on a male bonding, beer and canoe adventure. We will be on a couch, in blankets, drinking wine and watching T.V. adventure.



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