Why is all your music Gospel?

     I’ve just blown through season 1 and 2 of The Good Wife. I loved it. There is some killer music on that show, and no soundtrack lited on Amazon or iTunes! Ah the horor, the horor. I had to track down my own songs, do my own dirty work, investigate and … spend money. My absolute favorite at this present moment is Mr. Hurricane, by Beast.

     TBF and I are totally fine, but man, if you are in the middle of a break up or a fight you need to blast this song until it’s all better. I mean turn it up. You won’t be sorry.

Now, I was a bit sad to realise she is saying “I love the beast ya’ll” I thought she was saying “I’ll have a pisco” which I would really love right about now. September 3rd is a long time coming…. ooo I need to book my wine bottling! Crap, talk to you lata!

Moi xoxo


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