So it’s Sunday

Text from B3k! at 10:23 am today.
“I’m leading worship with Steve this morning and Ma and pa arent here and neither is Tim… If your not there I might poop my pants and then blame it on you… I need someone to laugh about it with after …. Hah”
Church starts at 10:30
My reply at 10:28
“Holy Dinah!! I just got this, I’ll try”
“Try hard!!! I’m prairie doggin it!!”
And my last reply as I pulled into the parking lot at 10:41
“Gross …”

I come from a family who is always singing/strumming/drumming/plinking away on the piano. Yet, I have never heard my sister sing. (With the exception of her belting out Disney song.) Today she completely blew me out of the water.
She rocks. Like, really rocks. Her voice is so strong and clear and awesome! I’m so glad I was able to jump out of bed and get ready in five minutes so I didn’t miss that. Here I am sitting in church with goopy mascara and smelling like an ash tray looking like a rock star, and there she is belting it out and praising God being a rock star.
Go hang out with people you love today; not to make you feel better – to be there for them. It’s so worth it.

Moi xoxo


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