What The Dickens?

Caddy Jellyby and Esther Summerson

“Young Mr. Turveydrop’s name is Prince;
I wish it wasn’t, because it sounds like a dog, but of course he
didn’t christen himself.”

Bleak House is quite a fun novel to listen to. There are beautiful descriptions that paint quite vivid pictures of the scenery and characters. Caddy Jellyby is by far my favorite character. 
Esther is predictably lovely, Richard and Ada a bit too sweet, and John Jarndyce is a kind, blustering, eccentric. Caddy is exceptional. Her ‘bleak’ look on the world and her role are blunt, self-pitying, and amusing.
Usually teenaged girls drive me crazy with their over-dramatic look on the world and how it’s ruining their lives. I’ve decided it’s much easier to just laugh at the whole thing and watch them grow, hopefully into strong women. (Most of the girls at the coffee shop are teenagers;  it’s been fun.) So I’m glad I’ve had this newish outlook before listening to this book, I get so much more out of it.
Dicken’s somehow got right into the brain of teenaged girls. Caddy’s voice is exceptionally realistic. All of her dialogue could be coming out of the mouth of a similarly situated girl today, (with mild changes for the century changes). Finding out she is to be married off Caddy’s complaint is her soon to be husband’s name. He sounds like a dog. Awesome.





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