Someone’s on my shoulder, whispering in my ear.

There’s two someone’s. There’s one on my left shoulder, and one on my right. Both of them are promising me the moon, and both of them have very good points.

My issue is, I like the Thruxton’s handlebars and sporty look better, but I fit the Boneville. (Read: My feet are able to touch the ground.) Therefore I have decided not to make a decision.

Ha- I will buy both. Okay not quite, however I have decided to ride both in order to make a more informed decision. I feel v grown up and responsible having made that choice, wouldn’t you agree?

Moi xoxo



  1. Ian

    My friend I had the same dilemma! I simply bought the Bonneville but fitted Thruxton seat handlebars and pipes to it! It has the sporty looks but the legendary Bonneville name on the side and yes, my feet touch the ground!

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