I Need More HBO

     I have no Television. I have no internet. I have no landline. I DO have books. Audio books, paperback books, hardcover books, iBooks, comic books. I also have a notebook, a Mac Notebook. This is the device I use to watch television on; I borrow GermanG’s internet. It’s slow, but free.

Game of Thrones

     These are the reasons I wish I had t.v. I think to myself: self, if you had T.V. you could have watched these shows as they were airing. You could have been a part of the experience. You could have suffered as countless others suffered while waiting painfully for the next installment instead of just clicking the next episode. But then I realise,  that would’ve sucked! yet- no buffering…hm.

     So this is all I want, HBO. Not T.V. Not a package of satellite channels I’ll never watch; just HBO. And maybe some FX for the SOA crew. I’d be good then.

     I know what you’re saying, you’re saying I have all this lovely time void of bombarding media telling me to eat that BigMac I don’t need. I have the freedom to pick up my book at any time! I don’t need to be a slave to the screen! sigh. Don’t you know? Escapism is all imprisonment, it’s all a cage we hide in so we can be alone in the blissfull silence. We aren’t locked in, we’re locking the world out.

    Or you’re saying I have over thought this whole thing way too much and I’mnow bordering on contrived drivell and insanity. I can’t really say if you’re right or wrong. I can only say that while I’m sitting here, in my lovely cocoon of radio silence. I’m happy.

Moi xoxo


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