Today Our Special is…

Canoeing! T-dog, TBF and I are going to canoe down a river. Yesterday we fished and the boys jumped off rocks into the same river. I watched rather than participated due to my Sobering Conclusion decision four days ago I was sober. I did bob around in the water, and cooled off that way 😉

Yesterday I finished The Woman in White. I closed the book on my favorite heroine ever. EVER. Marion Halcome is who I want to be when I grow up. She’s stupid awesome. I’ve written about her already, though, so I’ll just say – Great read. If you haven’t read it yet do so.

Now I’m totally into A Suitable Boy. I love Indian based fiction. I had never even thought of reading something like it until a friend of mine, who’s a helicopter pilot, and once came and picked me up off a mountain and brought me to the hospital because I’d broken my leg, recommended A Fine Balance to me. You know, for some light reading while I recovered.

Since the introduction I have been hooked.  I find that because it is a subject which I know so very little about it absolutely magical to me. And the voices it is written in is amazing. I’m sure there is good and bad Indian based fiction, but so far I’ve read only wonderful.

A Fine Ballance – R. Mistry
Family Matters – R. Mistry
The Kite Runner – K. Hossoseini
A Suitable Boy – V. Seth

Looking at that now, it’s a bit sparse, but hey – It’s better than nothing! You think Life of Pi counts? Cause that was great too.  Anyway, I’m about to work my arm muscles out and they haven’t even woken up yet. They will be a bit cross tomorrow I bet.

Ciao Peoples

Moi xoxo


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