Sobering Conclusion

     Now don’t look at me like that. Don’t glare at me and think I’m going all holier than thou with my ‘no more Pinot for 30 days’. It’s not that I no longer approve of, or have room in my life for, some beautiful Petit Verdot; because belive me – I do.

     I know, I understand that the magazines say a glass of red wine helps lower the blood sugar. Yes, I have remembered that I am bottling my latest batch of Meritage in a week. Yes I can wait, I will – don’t shake your head at me! Hey!

    Do you realise how many calories I drink every day? Do you? It’s substantial let me tell you. I know it’s the summer, how could I forget? It’s just that – now look, if you keep interrupting I’m not going to finish, understand? Okay.

     My older younger brother is getting married on the 17th of September. GermanG and I are going to be P90X-ing it up come Sept 1st, and I’m moving my jiggly self five days a week at the moment. It’s not enough. There must be more! “I could have saved more!” [Name that film.]

     So you understand, don’t you? It’s only for a month, and it’s not because you did anything. It’s not you, it’s me. I swear. I just need some space. I’ll figure it out and we’ll pick up just where we left off. Promise. I’ll see you on Sunday, September 3rd. We’ll have some wine. We’ll be okay. I love you.

Moi xoxo



  1. Gaby

    Makes it easier when I am not there…..wipes out 3 weeks for sure. By the time I am back, I MAY join you. 🙂

  2. jfeldt

    Oh believe me, you not being here for most of this was definitely factored into the decision on when I would do this. Makes it easier. PLUS it means my brand new bottled wine will be at least one month older before I start to devour it! lol

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