The Fourth Wheel



     I finished The Three Musketeers over the long weekend, it was marvelous. Marvelous! I loved it. In the beginning of the book, I thought is was a bit … testosteroney. Let me explain.

You there! you looked at me funny, en guard!

You! you spat on the ground I had previously walked on, en guard!

Ahoy! Thou has placed thine eyes on the wench mine eyes are placed on, en guard!

Good sir! You belched and I smelled it, en guard!

Anyone want some wine? Oh, en guard!

You lookin’ at me? En GUARD!

Yo, I feel like hitting something, en guard! 



     After, or rather, between, all the fighting there is a very male-bondy type relationship with the four good friends. I loved reading about Athos being locked in the cellar of the Inn, and how he and his servant thought the best punishment to the Inn Keeper would be to eat and drink as much as possible until they were released. My kind of revenge, served up in calories.

     The women featured in this book are neither too weak nor too strong. (More like fast and loose, cunning and passionate, and strong and opinionated.)  There’s a fantastic lady-villan, Lady De Winter. She holds the best line of the whole novel for me.
Kitty: I thought your ladyship was ill. I wanted to help you.
Lady De Winter: I ill? Do you take me for a weak woman? When I am insulted I do not feel ill – I avenge myself. Do you hear?

     I think that this is a book for teen boys because I think they would LOVE it. It has adventure, passionate feelings towards women – I don’t know if I love her, but I am mad for her! – and honor. Being an independent man, having friends willing to die for you, eating and drinking great stuff, and being famous for kicking ass. It’s sort of no brainer. I enjoyed it immensely, I just kept imagining what it must have been like for a young little whipper snapper to be gobbling it up under his covers with a flash light. Magic.

     I always wondered at the title of this book as it is about four friends. Yes there are three Musketeers in the beginning, but D’Artagnan does (spoiler alert) become one making it four right? AND, no, wait. No that was it.


Moi xoxo


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