Pick one, or seven, ya have seven I don’t care.

Book Blogger HopHere’s this weeks question hosted at Crazy for Books, found right here.

“Highlight one book you have received this week (for review, from the library, purchased at the store, etc.) that you can’t wait to dig into!”

     Okay so I’m stuck in the middle of this humongous list of books for 2011 right? And, like, that’s totally awesome and everything – but. BUT that means there’s a HUMUNGOUS list of books I want to read that aren’t on the list like right now! Murphy’s law states the only reason I want to read these so badly is because I can’t. Who name’s their kid Murphy anyway?

     My first pick to put down here would have been A Dance With Dragons except for two things; a) I don’t actually have it in my hot little hands yet as I’m waiting for paper back, b) I’m so for sure reading it this year screw the mass amounts of other novels hah! So I had to rack my brains for a book in my house, not on the list, that I am truly and honestly pining over. [And I shall refrain from saying A Feast For Crows ect et all as whenever a new book in a series comes out I usually re-read or scan all of the preceding ones to jog the ol’ nog due to some people (cough! GRRM, cough!!) taking like a decade to get to the next book.]

     My actual choice! Is….. huh. Okay so I haven’t gotten a new book this week. I’ve got Crime & Punishment, Bleak House, and Oliver Twist all waiting in my iTunes for a good listen, but none of those are calling my name or anything. I’ve got a dusty old copy of Johnathan Strange & Mr. Norrell that looks positively enticing as I pass by it everyday. But I’ve had that for a couple of years. And finally, I am dying to buy and read Beatrice and Virgil, A Dance With Dragons, (absolutely had to say it again, sorry), and The Wise Man’s Fear. But I am stoically holding off. (Good use of vocab, stoic, eh?eh?).

     And Now! As I was wiki-ing the exact name of good ol Rothfuss’ latest book I was absolutely chuffed to see his amazing t-shirt! So I’m sharing. Enjoy your amazing day, awesome weekend, and adventurous month. Alright?
Moi xoxo


  1. susan (Reading World)

    I’ve got a lot of books on my wish list too. Sometimes buying them does make it easier to move them down on my must-read list. So now I have stacks and stacks of books to read. I’m trying very hard not to buy any more until I make a dent in my pile. But now I’m sneaking out to the library.

  2. Brenda Youngerman

    This post kept me rolling …. and I DO like your use of stoic! Oliver Twist is one of my favorites so it gets my vote, if you’re taking votes, that is…and Crime and Punishment will keep you busy for a while….QUITE a while!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Jo

    Looks like you’ve got a lot on your plate, reading-wise. And, as a Pat Rothfuss fan — always nice to see his bearded mug. 🙂

  4. Howard Sherman

    I’m seeing a lot of single answer responses with Twilight being by far the most popular choice. I really must analyze all the elements of that series that send girls ga-ga. Such studies are a part of the never-ending “code breaking” we males need to continuously execute to understand and relate with the fairer sex.

    I’ve cracked about 80% of the code. I will continue cracking the code until I reach 100% success. Then I’ll write a book for men and become a billionaire overnight.


    I’ve got four different series I can read over and over again. Three of them were written by deceased authors and three of them are fantasy adventures.

    Follow me back to my blog at http://www.howardsherman.net and find out how far off the beaten track I’ve gone with my favorite book series!

    Thank God it’s Follow Friday!

    Howard Sherman

  5. here

    Wanted to drop a comment and let you know your Rss feed isnt working today. I tried adding it to my Yahoo reader account and got absolutely nothing.

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