Because We Can Can Can!

Everybody Can-Can!
Well, If ya can, can, can!
If ya can, can, can!
If ya can, can, can!
Well, If ya can, can, can!
If ya we can, can, can!
If ya can, can, can, can, can, can, can, can, can!
Everybody can-can!
Outside it may be rainy
But in here it’s entertaining!
Moulin Rouge
     So. I canned. Seriously it’s been on the ‘list of things I want to do some day’ for like, ever. And I did it! Three little cans of spicy pickled green beans. Why green beans you ask? Simple – Caesars! Heck yes motivation found me. I wanted a Caesar and was horrified to see that spicy pickled green beans were going to cost me $12 for an 8oz jar! Sheesh. SO I made my own. Take that economy.
     I also made cranberry jalapeno jelly. The recipes were in a Canadian Living magazine, I love those guys. Seriously, usually just $2 for an issue. This one was $12, which surprised me when I got home, but maybe it was a mess up by the IGA teller? Who cares, I can!
     I made a list of things I’m going to do with my week, and I am so far so awesome. I’ve already killed weeds, mowed a lawn, sung in the shower, and finished a book! So working with my hands and making some good old pantry supplies made my whole weekend. As I type, there’s bread in my oven rising, waiting to be punched and rolled out to rise again. Check out Jewel’s blog for the severely cool recipe. She was on Firefly, no big deal. (!!!)
     I am all inspired now, TBF and I are heading down Island to look at a bike and visit Herman in his new home. I’m going to suggest we do a little shopping at a Farmer’s Market. I am now addicted and all excited. I feel like the ants not the grasshopper, for the first time ever! {I do not know the origin of this child’s storey. My mother used to tell me about it when I was young. The moral was: “If you are a grasshopper you will die because you are lazy and like music; if you are an ant you will have food for the winter and therefore not starve, but you are too busy for fun.”}
One day I want a real pantry, and I want it to look like this –
Taken from Lindapiequeen’s blog here.
Right now my pantry holds two jars of beans, four jars of jelly, a bag of dog food, a bag of cat food, some tools I have never used, a flash light, my garbage cans, my Zombie Apocalypse survival food (a flat of Mr. noodles), and a trickle charger for the bike. There’s room for improvement anyway.
How’s your week going? Are you being productive? I’m heading this one as under the “Progress” banner.
Enjoy ~
Moi xoxo

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