TBF and I went to Victoria for the weekend. Why? So I could take my last and final test to become a Jedi Knight. Or maybe just my road test for the motorcycle. Passed! Then party. Then wake up and be really hungry. Solution? Mahoney.

     Go to Floyd’s in Victoria. Order the Mahoney… if it’s breakfast or lunch. You can even tell them you’re a veggie only. You receive whatever the chef feels like making you.
     I got a whole wheat bagel with corned beef, Italian sausage, garlic sausage, onions, banana pepper, cheese, and roughly seven cups of scrambled eggs plus hash browns. TBF got a white bagel with onions and mushrooms, BBQ chicken, sausages, bacon, cheese, and four poached eggs topped with hollandaise plus hash browns. We are both fat now.
     After you enjoy you’re crazy amount of food the waitress brings you the bill. Normal right? Wait for it. She says “your lovely meal will be ____ dollars. Unless you wanna flip for it double or nothing.” We flipped for it. TBF called heads, I called tails, we both won. Two massive breakfasts = $0.00!! Sucsess!! We pooled our change to tip the lovely lady who threw such good fortune!
     For some reason or other the website for Floyd’s is requiring a user name and password. It refused to accept “jfeldt” “is awesome” so I’m going to just post a lovely blog’s review on Floyd’s for more info for ya guys!! check This Chick out. I love food reviews.

See ya’ll on the flip side! …… Tails!
Moi xoxo

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