Scene: Late one night in GermanG’s living room. The T.V. is on, GermanG and jfeldt are drinking 2 month old Petite Verdot.
GG: Do you twit?
ME: [sputtering wine into my glass] What?!
GG: You know, do you… twit?
ME: Ha! It’s tweet you twat and no.

GG and ME fall into fits of hysterical laughter.

Scene: Right Now, Jfeldt’s office computer [gasp!]. Jfeldt is tweeting. Check it out @jfeldt.



  1. GermanG

    For the record I did NOT say do you twit twice…..the 2nd time I corrected myself…but you are accurate in the fact that we laughed hysterically. Oh….and the Petit Verdot was at least 3 months old! LOL

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