The Color … Green?

James Homer Brown

    N and I have had a long standing, yet to be scheduled, date. We are going to watch “The Color Purple”. I only know of the film because of constant re-runs on TBS years ago, but I have never watched it. I know Oprah is in it, I know it has something to do with Purple. I had no idea it was a book.
     I found “The Color Purple” was a book when I saw it way down on number 83. My first thought was “huh!” My second thought was “It’s not cheating if I read the book then watch the movie with N is it?” Well, I read it.
     All I can say is Oh Happy Day! This may sound strange to someone who has read the book but my gosh! What a light read! I sat down and read it in one day. Not only that, but I stood up, walked around, visited, and generally perused my way through this book. This is a welcome change from the literary giants I’ve been battling with.
     The characters are lovable and compelling. The dialog is fun and off-beat enough to keep you interested and not skipping sentences. The subject matter is so far removed from anything that is normal for me that it is not a ‘heavy’ or overly sad tone. On the contrary, it sheds light on terrible circumstances in love, and in stark humanity. This book is beautiful.
     At one point a character states, “I think it pisses God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and don’t notice it”. This is the quote most closely associated with the book, according to Google. The character’s point is this; God isn’t some dude you have to do stuff for in order to make Him love you. He loves what you love because he made you, He also loves “a mess of things you don’t and more than anything else, God love admiration”. This is not due to Him being vain but due to Him “wanting to share a good thing”.
     I loved this part of the book. There was hope cresting over the horizon on a so far terrible and sad life. There was love, and joy. There was friendship. It caused me to nod along as I was reading, I wanted to shout “Amen”! But I simply copied sections of the book into my journal. (No underlining, as it is a library copy.) Well I don’t have a lot of purple around me, I have a lot of green. Some days I love it, some days I don’t even notice it. I live in a rain forest for Pete’s sake.
     Admiration, the pleasure of experiencing your senses. The Eye seeing color, the ears hearing sound, the hands and nerves in your body feeling, and so on and so forth. Experience your senses. Admire the utter coolness of it all. What colors are un-noticed and around you all day?

Moi xoxo


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