On June

Taken from http://jleflufy.wordpress.com/


  • The longest day of the calendar year occurs in June.
  • My “Color of the Month” journal is light pink for the month of June. [I do not love pink.]
  • I have read only two books in the whole month of June. [Epic Fail, as this is supposedly a book blog.]{Although this is called progress and procrastination.}
  • There is a bug named after June.
  • I am reading three more books, so maybe I could up that to five if I start right now and don’t quit all day… but I should work, after I finish this post.
  • I received a new toilet from Herman’s son. My landlord is moving out, and his son is going to rent out his side of the duplex. I will miss Herman more than words can say, but I’m glad he’s going to be looked after. They better feed him well.
  • It precedes July.
  • It is currently 10 degrees, cloudy, with scattered showers yet apparently, still summer.
  • It is nearly over. Bring on July.

Out with the old, and in with the shiny white new! Picture taken while toilet was yet unsullied, TBF fixed that.


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