Get Funky

     In about four hours TBF, T-dog, and N and me are all heading down to Courtenay to watch these bad dudes. I’ve never seen them but N keeps following them around 🙂 Apparently they’re the bees knees. I wasn’t too too excited until I watched this here little video. They sound like awesome with a touch of dance.
     I got my dress today from! Also I ordered some super insane shape wear that I need the of jaws of life to get into. Result = Worth the Pain. It looks so lovely and gentle in the pic, I blame the soft teal lighting. Really, this things a boa constrictor. But once again, so worth it.

Order one Here!

     Lastly my peeps, if there are any of you out there… I got my hair all cut off. I love it, and will post pics later. Or you can check me out on instagram @ jfeldt.
MOi xoxo


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