See Hear Speak

 Earlier this week I posted a question on the merits of ‘hearing’ vs ‘reading’ a book. I am currently on chapter 28 of The Count of Monte Cristo, and it’s awesome. So awesome in fact that even though I’m madly coding invoices, answering emails, and inputting invoices into the computer all at the same time I am absorbing literature… to be weirdly flowery with my language.
 I thought I was going to miss more, I thought I was going to lose the tangible experience of feeling pages, and scribbling in margins. I’m not. I’m now pausing, re listening to, and writing out sentences and passages in my journal. This actually further hammers the points home!
 Remember studying for tests in high school? They say to use all your senses. Well I am. I’m hearing the word, speaking the word, writing it down and therefore seeing the word. This all leads to a lot of Alexander Dumas on the brain. Here’s my favorite passage so far ~
     I possessed over five thousand volumes in my library in Rome, but after reading them over many times I found out that with one hundred and fifty well chosen books a man possesses a complete analysis of all human knowledge; or at least all that is either useful of desirable to be acquainted with.

The Count of Monte Cristo
Alexander Dumas


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