One, Two, Flea!

     I am really loving, (mild exaggeration), The Count of Monte Cristo. Also; I have to say I am really loving, (no exaggeration), audio books. I am currently not loving, in any way at all, fleas.
     Dex and Ben have been itching. Itching and thumping all night. Thumping and shedding all day. Itchy itching. Loud itching. Itching like the drip of a leaky faucet on your bath tub. Oh, I also have a leaky bath tub faucet. Mild hilarity ensued the other evening while TBF and I bathed out lovely pooches with flea treatment. Less hilarity ensued as I shelled out $$ to get real flea treatment administered.
     I am hungry. When I am hungry, I get cranky. I have inherited this lovely trait from my father’s side of the family. I also inherited his “large lower carriage”; as my land lord pointed out in an inebriated haze the other day.
     I am much happier than I sound, I promise. Happy first day of Summer! (I heard on the radio yesterday, that if you smile…. do it…… you instantly feel better. Or you could go have a chocolate bar, just saying.)
Moi xoxo


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