Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil

     It’s midnight, our heroine has been asleep for about four hours. She has to wake up at the but crack of dawn in order to drive her father to the airport. Happy Father’s day.

     Ever so peacefully the beauty sleeps. Her arm is slung up above her head in a way which will cause it to fall asleep itself, shooting numbing and tingly feelings up and down her nerve pathways. She is blissfully unaware of this though, as she loudly snores.

     Our majestic lady was super smart last night. Aware of the way to early start to her day she prepared by getting her wardrobe ready the night before. She placed her purse where she would easily stumble over it on her way to the toilet, and she charged her phone. So to did she make sure her garbage cans were inside; so as not to attract large furry black bears to her back yard, and to make sure the dogs did not feel the need to inform her and the whole gosh darn neighborhood of this event by braying louder than a donkey getting it’s teeth pulled. She was a smart cookie last night to be sure.
     It’s still midnight, and all of a sudden there’s a crash in the back yard.
“BARK BARK HOWL RUFF ARF BARK AWOOOOOOOOOO BOW WOW ARF! WOW WOW ARF!!  BOWOWOWOW!!!!” Some how the sleeping beauty awakes, maybe it was instinct, but she just knew for some unknown reason she had to wake up.
     “Gasp! *snort* Nuuhhn?…. Why am I awake? Great Beard of Zeus my arm is asleep oh how un-pleasant. What is that lovely noise of dog barking in my house next to my newly burst eardrum? What’s that you say Ben, Dexter? There’s something in the back yard? Why don’t I go see so I can ascertain weather or not to skin you alive and rub honey all over you before I shove you down an ant hill.”
     Snoozie Suzie slowly tip toes to her back room window after gently and lovingly shushing the dogs. As she moves across the darkened house the canines try to untie their tails which some how have become tangled around their snouts. She peeks out into the black-blue night of her yard fully expecting to see a large predator of some type or other to warrant the amount of bedlam her faithful protectors have delivered.
     Peering into the dark soul of 12:04 am our lovely lady of previous slumber sees…. nothing. The BBQ is still upright and unmolested. There is no large hulking black shape of a bear enjoying expired yogurt. There are no friendly neighborhood cats holding a gladiator style battle to the death while their friends held side bets and black market liquor sales on the side. But wait! Looking directly below the window ledge she sees it –

        It’s 12:30 am and our heroine is asleep. She is dreaming of the days when her life was full of animals, they seemed just like yesterday. Her present reality is much different. For example, the dogs have only recently found new homes. Lovely homes, with people who will feed them, and wash them, and love them. Those people will probably be happy to discover they own dogs, when they find them in their garage tomorrow morning.


One comment

  1. GermanG

    Who is the sleeping beauty?? I have woken up in the middle of the night……beauty is a myth at anything past midnight…..the stuff of fairy tales. And nothing is said of the bf……did he no arise to assist the heroine in her pursuit of possible bear?? I think not! 😛

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